Credential Requests, Policies

To apply for NHRA credentials, all media members must complete the credential application form: NHRA Credential Request

All first-time applicants must submit published proof of prior news coverage. NHRA does not accept credential requests from stock photo agencies or from freelance journalists without a verifiable editorial assignment from an accredited news outlet.

If granted media credentials to cover an NHRA national event, future consideration for credentials will be based on proof of coverage of that event (tear sheets, audio tape, video tape, etc.).

NHRA welcomes and appreciates coverage from members of the media. However, application for credentials does not guarantee approval. Members of the media are responsible for confirming their credentials before the event.

 National Hot Rod Association MEDIA and PHOTO Policy 


Violation of this policy may result in revocation of access and further action. 

1. LIMITED REVOCABLE LICENSE. This Media and Photo Policy (the “Policy”) constitutes a limited license by NHRA to enter NHRA premises and cover NHRA events for editorial purposes. Use and reuse of all content captured is governed by this Policy and by the NHRA Rulebook. If you have a separate written agreement with NHRA regarding your event coverage, the terms of that separate agreement will prevail in the event of any conflict. 1.1 Revocation. NHRA reserves the right to approve or deny all access requests, and revoke all rights, including revoking passes and/or credentials, prior to or during any event. 

2. WAIVER AND RELEASE; FEES. To receive Media and/or Photo access to any event, you must execute all such documents as requested by NHRA, including waivers and releases of liability, and pay any applicable fees. 

3. TYPES OF ACCESS. 3.1 Photo – No Restricted Area Access. If you are granted Photo Access with no Restricted Area access, you may conduct event coverage and capture still photographs that do not contain racing action from all non-restricted areas. You will be issued a Photo Vest that you must wear at all times during the Event. 

3.2 Media Center Access. If you are granted Media Center access, you may enter and work in the NHRA Media Center if you are granted a Media Center Access seal to place on your credential. NHRA Media Center access does not include access to the Restricted Photo Area. 3.2.1 NOTE: Media Center access does not include any desk space. To request desk space, contact NHRA Public Relations and Communications department in advance. 

3.3 Restricted Photo Area Access. If you are granted Restricted Area photo access: 3.3.1 You will be issued a Restricted Photo Area Pass and a Photo Vest. Restricted Photo Area Passes are not transferrable. Photo Vests are not transferable, unless otherwise permitted by NHRA in writing. Photo Vests must be returned to NHRA Public Relations and Communications department staff upon completion of your assignment. $100 FEE FOR ANY PHOTO VEST LOST OR NOT RETURNED. 

3.3.2 Includes NHRA Media Center access (no desk guaranteed; see 3.2.1 above). 

3.3.3 Restricted Photo Area Pass and Photo Vest must be worn/visible at all times to enter Restricted Photo Area and Media Center. 

3.3.4 Your access to the Restricted Photo Area may be limited, for example, to a certain round of competition or to a certain team. Q-Photo Access. If you have been issued a qualifying photo (“Q-photo”) credential you are not permitted in the Restricted Photo Area during professional eliminations (typically Sunday). Restricted Photo Area Pass. If you receive a Restricted Photo Area Pass, you are permitted in the Restricted Photo Area but not at the Top End during all racing, unless otherwise instructed. Top-End Access. Photo access to the top end is not automatically included with a Restricted Photo Area Pass/Photo Vest and is extremely limited. To request access to the top end, contact the NHRA Public Relations and Communications department. If top end access is granted, you must follow the directions of NHRA staff and give priority to NHRA technical, safety, television, photography and social media. 

4. RESTRICTED PHOTO AREA – BOUNDARIES AND RULES. The Restricted Photo Area will be designated by NHRA at each event, and may vary on any given event day, or during any given event day. Restricted Photo Area Access times are subject to change and may be further limited at NHRA’s sole and absolute discretion. At all times, the following minimum standards will apply in the Restricted Photo Area: 4.1 Restricted Photo Area Boundaries. The Restricted Photo Area starts from a point designated by NHRA and ends a maximum of 225 feet down track or less. The Restricted Photo Area will be limited to 180 feet maximum on the same side as the television jib camera when present, and may be further limited in NHRA’s sole and absolute discretion. The Restricted Photo Area will be marked on the wall and/or by an orange cone or as otherwise indicated by NHRA. Do not go outside the boundaries of the Restricted Photo Area at any time. 

4.2 Stay Behind the Retaining Wall. YOU MUST STAY BEHIND THE RETAINING WALL AT ALL TIMES. Do not go over the track wall at any time during the event. No leaning against or over the retaining wall at any time. Cameras and equipment cannot be mounted on or placed against the retaining wall. Do not go in the “starter’s box” or on the racing surface (track, burnout area, starting line) at any time. 

4.3 No Elevation. Please respect our spectators and our production crew. No ladders, stepstools or other devices. 

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4.4 Crossing. If crossing to the other side of the track, walk cautiously well behind the burnout area. 

4.5 No Flash Photography. No flash photography allowed. 

4.6 TV CAMERA NO PHOTO ZONE. It is essential that you stay clear of TV camera shots as well as spectator sightlines. A “TV CAMERA NO PHOTO ZONE” will be designated by NHRA. This area will be marked and you are prohibited from entering at any time. The TV Camera No Photo Zone will include but is not limited to the area directly beside each staged car, from the staging beams back through the entire length of the cars, on the side that is in view of TV cameras. You cannot be positioned in this area. 

4.7 Kneel-Down Zone. From the start of the retaining wall to 100 feet past the starting line, you must kneel (on at least one knee), behind the retaining wall, from the moment the cars initiate the staging process until the cars launch (if being in such area is permitted and is not in the TV Camera No Photo Zone). 

5.1 No Video. No video filming is allowed without a separate agreement. 

5.2 No Airborne Devices. No airborne devices of any kind (e.g., remote controlled helicopter or quadcopter, “drone,” or any other airborne device) are allowed. Ejection from the facility and/or confiscation of the device may result in the sole and absolute discretion of NHRA, facility personnel and/or law enforcement. 

5.3 Compliance with the Direction of NHRA Staff; Non-Interference with Event. Your access is granted exclusively by NHRA and you must follow all instructions of NHRA staff. Do not interfere or impede any spectators, TV crew, other media personnel, or the conduct of the event or any part of the event. 

5.4 Attire. All media must wear a shirt with fully-covered shoulders and shoes with closed heels and toes (no open toed shoes, sandals, clogs, slides, etc.). 

5.5 Courtesy. The Restricted Photo Area and Media Centers are working areas. Please be courteous to your colleagues, spectators, and staff and leave the area when you are not working. 

6.1 Legitimate Media Assignment Required/No Freelancing. Only accredited reporters and photographers on assignment for an NHRA-recognized news media outlet or other NHRA-accepted media outlets will be permitted to cover and/or photograph NHRA events. NHRA does not generally recognize photo agencies as media. Freelance media and photographers are not permitted without specific assignment from an NHRA-accepted media outlet, and as expressly permitted by NHRA. NHRA has the sole and absolute discretion to determine who is or is not NHRA-recognized. 

6.2 Contemporaneous News Use Required. All photography use is restricted to reasonably contemporaneous newsworthy usage only, and reuse is prohibited except with the express written permission of NHRA. 

6.3 No Commercial Use. All use and reuse of all photographs obtained at all NHRA events for commercial purposes is prohibited except in accordance with a written license from NHRA. To inquire about licensing of event photos for commercial purposes, please contact the NHRA Public Relations and Communications department. 

6.4 No Photographer Use of Photography on Social Media. Any and all use of your photography on your own social media accounts may be permitted only with specific written approval by a member of the NHRA Public Relations and Communications department. 

6.5 Grant of License to NHRA. You hereby grant NHRA (and will further document if deemed necessary by NHRA and upon NHRA’s request) a perpetual, worldwide, fully paid up, royalty-free license to use your photography for editorial and promotional purposes, including without limitation in print, online and in NHRA’s social media. 

6.6 Policy Changes. This Policy is subject to change and compliance with the Policy as in effect at each event is required. 

6.7 No License of NHRA Intellectual Property. Nothing herein constitutes a license to use marks of third parties, or authorizes you to use the name, image, or likeness of any recognizable person, whether a participant in the event, a spectator, an NHRA employee or contractor, or a trade or service mark or other intellectual property owned by any sponsor or other individual or organization.